ANZ is a British brand that was established by Ainy with a global design perspective that caters to a wide audience.

The brand's approach is centered around the reinvention of heritage knitwear, incorporating elements from her immigrant London upbringing, and merging them with modern aesthetics using innovative fabrics and techniques. The outcome is a range of distinct and practical garments.

Furthermore, ANZ takes a well-informed approach to luxury and endeavors to create purposeful pieces that can form part of new narratives and stories. Ainy, as the Creative Director, draws inspiration from sportswear trends, the multi-cultural society, and the world around her, all of which are essential to the ANZ brand.

ANZ designs are crafted in North London and manufactured in the UK through partnerships with family-run factories. The brand takes pride in producing small runs of exclusive garments, which makes the products highly desirable and collectible.

ANZ is available at leading boutiques and retailers globally, with an international fanbase that includes VIPs and the media.